• Community Collective Classes

    Chair Yoga

    Stuck at a desk even while you're working from home? Or, perhaps getting up and down from the floor is not something you can do with ease. This class modifies poses to be enjoyed seated, bringing the benefits of Yoga off the floor and into a chair. 60 Minutes.

    All Levels

    Gentle Yoga

    A very accessible variation of the Hatha tradition. This class is slow paced and offers modifications to common yoga poses. Gentle stretching and slowly moving between poses brings a balance for the student between focus and relaxation. 60 Minutes.

    All Levels

    Hatha Yoga

    This is the predominant branch of Yoga being taught in Western cultures, with the main focus being mastery of the body through physical asanas (postures). Ha meaning ‘Sun’ and tha meaning ‘Moon’, hatha classes offer a balanced mind-body experience and draw on many of the rich schools of thought of yoga asana. The well-rounded sequences temper heat and strength with ease and stillness, addressing the body and mind in equal measure. 60 Minutes -75 Minutes

    Levels 1 & 2

    Intro to Yoga

    A true beginners class, Intro to Yoga will create a solid foundation for your new Yoga practice. This class not only introduces yoga postures, breathing techniques and philosophy, it makes space for the student to ask questions during the class (not typical in most classes) and receive instruction on everything from which side of the mat faces up, to how Yoga can affect your autonomic nervous system and increase neuroplasticity. 60 Minutes.

    All Levels

    Lunchtime Ashtanga​

    Simply step away from your desk for a 50 minute practice based on the Primary Series, a traditional yoga practice which helps you to build up endurance and strength, create heat in the body, detoxify, reduce bloating, and increase digestive fire. You will burn off the dross of the day and finish feeling light, strong, open, energized, and cleansed to get on with your beautiful day.

    Mat required. Two Yoga Blocks and a Strap highly recommended.

    All Levels


    When we sit in meditation, the noise/chatter inside our heads quiets, worry takes a back seat, to-do lists move to the back of our conscience. We then have the opportunity to connect to our own hopes, dreams and desires and shed light on the path that is meant to be our own individual lives. This, and so much more is the beauty, the power, the splendor and the gift of meditation.


    Each week you will learn a variety of different time tested techniques. 60 Minutes.

    All Levels

    Meditation Moments

    20 Minutes of MEDITATION. At only $5 a class, even those that are tight on time or funds can enjoy the benefits of meditation! Offered before or after a Yoga or YogaByte class for those that want to add-on or build their practice. 20 Minutes.

    All Levels

    Mind Body Stress Reduction

    Influenced by Jon Kabat-Zinn, and much researched since its inception in the 1970s, this modality uses a combination of mindfulness practices, body awareness, and yoga to mitigate physical and mental stress. This class incorporates gentle movement, breath work and meditation. 60 Minutes.

    All Levels

    Restorative Yoga

    Restorative Yoga uses reclined yoga poses to help relax the mind and balance the nervous system. Simple prop setups gently open and support the body and aid deep mind-body release and healing. Guided meditation, breath/body awareness and relaxation techniques are woven throughout the practice. This is an all-levels class and no previous yoga experience is necessary. Please gather the items listed below as one or more may be used in class. (Class Length Varies, See Schedule)


    -Bolster (substitute two thick beach/bath towels of equal size, two firm, tight weave blankets, or a firm couch cushion/pillow) Or see Resources Page for How to Build a Bolster Video


    -Three blankets (substitute 3 thick beach/bath towels of equal size)


    -Two blocks (substitute a pair of thick books)


    -Strap (may use a necktie, belt, tie to a robe, or scarf)

    All Levels

    Therapeutic Yoga

    Taking a more therapeutic approach to yoga this class uses the tools of yoga; asana, pranayama and meditation to help support the bodies healing process and bring it back into balance. This is a slow paced, all levels class. 60 Minutes.

    All Levels

    Tone and Sculpt

    A 60-minute body rejuvenating workout. Strength, stretch, core and booty with HIIT cardio training.

    All Levels

    Vinyasa Yoga

    The term vinyasa can be translated into “to place in a special way”. Keeping this in mind you will integrate movement and breath as you flow through an intelligently sequenced flow encompassing challenging physical asanas. This practice is one of the faster, more vigorous asana practices; expect to sweat, cultivate prana (energy), and feel rejuvenated after a juicy Savasana (final resting).

    Level 2

    Yin Yoga

    A slow, steady class, holding poses for 3 minutes or more. Following the principles of yin and yang, yin yoga is about the steady, deep, quiet approach to strengthening our connective tissue. This practice helps increase flexibility and

    movement of the joints. Utilizing props allows each of us to find our best version of the pose.

    All Levels

    Yoga BYTEs

    20 Minutes of YOGA. At only $5 a class, even those that are tight on time or funds can benefit from Yoga ! Offered before or after a Meditation or Meditation Moment (20mins) class for those that want to add-on or build their practice.

    All Levels