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    Meet Your Spirit Animal -

    Receive a Message of Love and Guidance

    With Dina Kleiman

    March 23rd 12-1pm

    $15 (Single Class Pass)

    Spirit Animals are spirit guides/allies in animal form that provide direction and navigation for questions you may have in any areas of your life. In this class you will discover what your personal spirit animal is (or are, as we all have several). You will also form or strengthen your relationship with them and have an opportunity to receive guidance and direction.


    Reiki Share Circle

    February Date TBA

    with Reiki Master, Dina Kleiman


    We begin the evening by talking about what Reiki is and how this tool can be used to help us find harmony in our daily lives. A guided meditation will help us get us in the zone, connect with each other and with the Universal Energy of All There Is.

    We will then send Reiki healing energy to everyone who attends.

    If you are new to Reiki, no worries, no experience is necessary. If you are a Reiki practitioner, awesome. Join us to increase vibrations and receive a healing for yourself too.

    What is Reiki?
    Reiki is a tool that helps us work with our energetic, emotional and mental bodies.

    Reiki helps us decrease stress, grow our intuition, find balance in life, release old patterns, discover and grow our innate talents and give power to our intentions and affirmations.

    It also helps us connect to that part of us that is one with the universal-energy-of-all-there-is, strengthening our connection to that which cannot be perceived with our regular five senses.


    What is a Reiki Share Circle?

    A Reiki Share Circle is an event where like-minded people gather together to give and receive energy work. During a group healing, the energies of all participants and facilitators work in synergy to create a majestic healing force. Each session is unique and depends on the intentions and goals of the group.