• Kayla Freudenberg

    I found yoga when I was just 18 in a time in my life when I needed to be brought back in touch with my body, heal and realign myself on my path. I dove right into the practice and cultivated a deep and healing connection between my body and mind- understanding over time that this would be a lifelong journey. Along the way, I formed a love and respect for all things rooted in Vedic tradition. After a couple years of dedicated practice and the guidance of my amazing mentors I began my teaching journey.
    I took my first teacher training in 2012 and shortly after completion my 20 year old self began very timidly teaching one, sometimes two classes a week while working a couple of other jobs. Craving more knowledge, and furthering my commitment to this path, I enrolled in my 300 hr. teacher training, spending 6 months apprenticing and learning from my mentor, Erika Burkhalter.
    I discovered yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda on the Yogic path and having always had a passion for cooking and healing through food I saw a new path opening up for me to combine my interests and live congruently in other facets of my life. In many ways, this was the missing link for me in the process of coming home to myself, and honoring my body and it’s natural ways of being. So, I attended The Natural Epicurean and became a health-supportive chef, specializing in Ayurveda and other healing modalities.
    Since completing culinary school my mission has been to combine the principles of mindfulness, holistic wellness and Vedic wisdom and share these tools that have been so generously shared with me. While my community is ever-changing, I find this simple act of giving and receiving knowledge is one of the greatest gifts that keeps on giving- so simply sharing space, hearing how others live, breaking bread, and exchanging perspectives has been my way of connecting to whatever community I am in.
    In 2018 I decided to live a truly nomadic life, teaching at wonderful yoga centers all over the world along the way- learning and expanding myself through working alongside some amazing yogis/colleagues. My

    styles of teaching include hatha, vinyasa, yin, meditation (mindfulness), and pranayama. I also enjoy weaving in workshops on Ayurveda, cooking demos, writing, women’s circles and other mindfulness practices.
    I feel extremely blessed to be on this journey of sharing and growing with all those I have come across on this path. This is the path of truth, abundance, and connection to our own divine nature.