• Nicolette David

    Nicolette David has been a teacher of languages, literature, biology, and movement since 2001 but found her true passion in 2010 when she reluctantly took her first yoga class. In “final rest” (savasana), she was moved by the methods and magic of yoga to tenderly hold stored grief, anger, anxiety, and the ultimate unknown that is Life. The combined effects of moving, breathing, deep attention, and getting quiet left an indelible memory and to be part of helping others find a moment, a minute, a day, or continued clarity and calm is the inspiration of Nicolette’s teaching. She has led 200 hour trainings for various studios locally and internationally and was a mentor and guest lecturer for Yogaworks’ 300 hour professional program. Her personal studies are in Anatomy and she enjoys drawing connections between the inseparable body/mind and Spirit. Her classes focus on alignment not for the sake of getting things "right" but with the intention of locating ourselves from within. Her teaching is full of heart, creativity, and the hope that students FEEL themselves beyond the physical realm using their breath and their eyes that see from, and into, all possible perspectives.