• Nora Maldanado

    My name is Nora Maldonado, I currently live in Orange County, CA, born in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

    I studied Accounting at the University of Guadalajara and worked in auditing companies of international level as Internal Auditor. I am the mother of 3 children, two of them live with me on this physical plane and one returned to the spiritual plane.


    My purpose in life is to help people to lighten the load on their soul, especially to release those accumulated emotional memories of different situations throughout their life so that they can expand their Being, inspiring people to create consciously the life they want to live. As a Meditation Master Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher and Shamanic Practitioner, I recognize myself as a Being of Light, love and intuition are what guide me in walking on this earth, providing the necessary knowledge to awaken in consciousness and put myself at the service of others.


    In 2016 I obtained my certification as a Meditation Teacher with Deepak Chopra, technique, where by using your personal mantra that corresponds to your date of birth you manage to connect with your essence, open yourself to the total field of possibilities, to create peace, harmony, love, gratitude and above all to recognize who you are.


    The Reiki and Karuna Reiki modalities learned at IMPART Wisdom & Wellness Center provide me with methodologies and tools to awaken in you the essence of your healing and healing power, Psychic abilities, in addition to making it present in your day-to-day life.


    One of the very significant certifications that I achieved is Metatronia Foundation of Light Certification of Metatronia Healing is a technique to connect with the Archangel Metratron, to balance the flow of your energy through sacred geometry with The Metatron's Cube, align your energy field towards this Configuration where the Universal knowledge that you need to be in balance comes from, therefore, you get healing, peace, feel empowered, know yourself as the owner of your destiny.


    As a Shamanic Practitioner, achieving this connection with Mother Earth and the ancestral knowledge that has been transmitted to me allows me to identify the fragmentations in your energy field, restore these fragmentations by returning to your aura that part of your essence that was fragmented, as well as giving you your power animal.


    Other certifications like Louise Hay Certification of Heal Your Life give me metaphysical methods to help you teach yourself to love yourself and allow in your life only situations that bring you more love, more peace, more joy.


    Numerology also helps me to know you through the energy of numbers according to your date of birth, understanding the challenges you chose to reach the highest potential of your essence through your life purpose.


    I feel free, in peace, in love, in gratitude and I wish to be able to reach you through the technique, method or tool that your spiritual being chooses for your highest good.